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Our staff come into your school every week to run an after school Esports club, supply the hardware and teach a set syllabus on Northern Ireland Esports all whilst promoting soft skills such as teamwork, organisation, event planning, inclusion and friendships. We are open to all pupils but actively welcome and encourage Neurodiverse and SEN pupils to sign up. We develop a sense of 'belonging'.


The Benefits
It's way more than playing games!

Being organised

The activities we set in place require members of the after school Northern Ireland Esports club to work together to create leagues, logos, internal tournament structures and many other things.


Sometimes it can be difficult for pupils, especially SEN and Neurodiverse kids, to find their 'place' in school. We get kids together to build friendships and find their tribe!

Healthy Competition

The pupils will organise their own internal competition that will find their best players for each game. This team will then represent their school in external competitions.

Say hello to the Nintendo Switch

We primarily game with the Nintendo Switch and select recognised E-Sport games with appropriate age ratings and co-op play opportunities that allow us to compete against other schools in external online leagues and cups.

Super Smash Bros


Splatoon 3


Rocket League


Fifa 23


Ulster Schools' Cup

Teaming up with our friends on the new Belfast MET Esports Foundation Degree Course, we will organise the inaugural NI Schools' Cup in Northern Ireland Esports in March 2024.

Find out More about Esports at Belfast Met >

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What happens at the Esports Club ?

Once you have signed up online we will let you know what day, time and room in your school hosts the Esports club

1. Sign Up

Sign up on our website to 1 Term or  4 Terms (Full Year) 

2. Turn Up

We will let you know the room to turn up to in school 

3. Set Up

Our friendly Esports leader will help with setting up the hardware

4. Skill Up

We teach you every week in aspects of the Esports Industry 

5. Game Time

Time to practice with your Esports Team

6. Level Up

You can continue with tasks outside the classroom 

Simple ways to Sign Up

We have integrated world class payment methods for you to easily sign up and manage your membership.
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